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Lido Beach, sealed off by a long, high fence along Danga Bay’s Coastal Highway.

Lido Boulevard is an integrated residential and commercial waterfront development that spans 2.4 km along the Danga Bay Coastal Highway, the Johor Strait coastal line. The development starts right after the abandoned JB Waterfront City and Lot One, and ends just before the Marine Department. The entire development is estimated to have a gross development value of RM4 billion.[1]

Lido Boulevard will comprise 6 parcels:

  1. Lido Residences, comprising high-end condominium towers;
  2. A 2.7 km long and 10-meter wide boardwalk;
  3. A cultural centre;
  4. A hotel and retail mall;
  5. Office suites; and
  6. A 1.8-2.0 hectare green lung.

The development will stretch 450 meters into the strait from the coastline. Reclamation work is expected to take about 2 years to complete.

Lido Boulevard is jointly developed by Central Malaysian Properties Sdn Bhd, owned by Tan Sri Vincent Tan, and Johor State Secretary Inc, an investment holding company of the state government.[1]

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